Discover the UK’s first
charity toy machines

CharityPodz is a magical new fundraising concept that’s a win-win for business and charities. Unlike other fundraising opportunities, it’s completely hassle free and tons of fun for kids and families.


Every toy donates to Charity. Watch the thrill on the little ones’ faces as they discover their collectable toy. And the real magic is that every pod gives a special donation to a chosen charity.


The machines are fully serviced. This is the perfect way for a business to support a charity. CharityPodz is a fully serviced fundraising solution that requires no staff or third party time.


Zero cost and free marketing. As long as the CharityPodz machines are on site, the donations keep coming. It’s zero cost and free marketing too. With CharityPodz everyone wins.

See how it works

With CharityPodz, children can spend their pocket money on a collectable toy from a special vending machine.
For every toy purchased, a whopping donation goes to a chosen charity.

Charity Podz Recycle


Our Champions are the businesses that put CharityPodz into their sites to raise money for amazing charities, as part of their incredible efforts to support great causes.

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Together with our Champions we're helping some incredible charities.

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Get involved

If you’re involved in fundraising for a business or charity then right now there’s an opportunity to learn more about how this pioneering concept can help support your fundraising targets.

Please contact us today and help share the magic. We will do our best to get back to you immediately, but as we’re so busy, it may take a day or two to reply.


The UK's first charity toy machines are making the news. Please click and share our magical story so far.


Our Founder, Adam Abrams, would like to share some ideas on how we as adults can help children learn the importance of sharing and why giving to others is so important. He explores language, games and crafty ideas.