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CharityPodz help the NSPCC and Lidl Partnership to raise £3m in donations.


‘Speak Out & Stay Safe’

In 2018, CharityPodz started helping NSPCC and Lidl UK raise a target of £3m over three years, to reach one million children with its ‘Speak Out Stay Safe’ primary school programme.

A new partnership between the NSPCC and Lidl UK will enable the children’s charity to reach one million primary school children with crucial advice on how to stay safe from abuse…

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How can we inspire the next generation of charity heroes?

Girl opening her Charity Podz toy

The best way to teach children about charity is to make giving and sharing part of our every day lives.

Here are 3 simple but incredible ideas to inspire the next generation of charity heroes.


Say thanks to teachers

Help your children to make their teachers a small gift and thank you card at the end of term. This is a great way to teach them the importance of kindness towards adults…

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How can role models and jam jars inspire charity heroes?

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Here are three top tips on how to start that amazing journey to becoming a charity hero.

Be a role model

Children are like sponges, constantly soaking up the information and behaviour they see around them. If children see their parents and siblings being kind and generous, donating to charity, taking part in fundraising activities and generally helping others, they are likely to replicate this behaviour.

Donate it –..

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3 ways to talk to children about the meaning of ‘charity’

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders so it’s in all our interests to teach them values that may help make the world a better place.

Charity sits at the frontline of such positive efforts but it’s not always a simple or easy concept to explain to our little ones.

However, it’s worth persevering with – research shows chatting to your kids about charity is more effective than role-modelling.

The young are a powerful philanthropic force throughout the world…

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