How can we inspire the next generation of charity heroes?

Girl opening her Charity Podz toy

The best way to teach children about charity is to make giving and sharing part of our every day lives.

Here are 3 simple but incredible ideas to inspire the next generation of charity heroes.


Say thanks to teachers

Help your children to make their teachers a small gift and thank you card at the end of term. This is a great way to teach them the importance of kindness towards adults. By encouraging children to show gratitude to their teachers from an early age, hopefully you will teach them not to take people for granted.

Help your neighbours

Offer your services to help out neighbours who need some support. Even simple tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, baking and taking around food will be hugely appreciated. Get your children involved and make it fun.

Talk to children about world events

When a natural disaster or other humanitarian crisis occurs, talk to your children about this and discuss how you, as a family, could help – whether through donating money, sending goods and so on. While you don’t need to give very young children all the details of a crisis situation, it is important they learn that many other children in the world are less fortunate than them and need help.

Help us ‘Share the Magic’ and be sure to have fun.