How can role models and jam jars inspire charity heroes?

Excited girl purchasing her Charity Podz surprise

Here are three top tips on how to start that amazing journey to becoming a charity hero.

Be a role model

Children are like sponges, constantly soaking up the information and behaviour they see around them. If children see their parents and siblings being kind and generous, donating to charity, taking part in fundraising activities and generally helping others, they are likely to replicate this behaviour.

Donate it – don’t throw it

When you’re doing a clear out of clothes or other household items, make sure you donate everything possible. From high street charity shops to computer recycling experts, there are organisations, which collect everything from kitchenware to IT in order to redistribute and reuse it. Your unwanted items will make all the difference to somebody else.

Jam Jars

Create a charity jam jar for small change and encourage your children to put a few spare pennies from their pocket money or allowance in there each week. As the jam jar fills, share ideas about where they would like to see the money donated. Read up on different charity causes and share the details with your kids to help them decide.

Help us ‘Share the Magic’ and be sure to have fun.